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Where did the Joy come from?

Camille's mom Kathy describes her birth with Camille as being one that was smooth sailing. Kathy’s first childbirth nearly killed her and her first born child. The thought of having another was petrifying.

After a happy pregnancy , it came time to push and POP! One push and Camille came into the world! The sun began to pierce through the hospital room window, shining brightly. Kathy was filled with so much Joy! From pain to joy!


This inspired her to

name her precious 2nd daughter Camille Joy : a name that would follow her forever.

Invite Camille to speak

Camille Joy is a voice of hope to the brokenhearted mommy. She comes to shine a ray of light into dark places through simply spreading the love of Jesus and the Joy of the Lord. Camille desires to be hope for broken mothers. She has dedicated herself to helping woman to live, fight, and persevere through difficult times. Supporting them with strategic prayer and physical support.  Camille has overcome what was meant to kill and permanently derail her life at an early age and stands today as accomplished women.

She truly believes that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Your past does not define your future. 

A mom of 4 by the age of 21, high school dropout, a survivor of domestic abuse, and ultimately a witness to God’s restoration and power! She embodies strength and spews out joy! She is healed and whole. Through the many trials and hard times that’s she’s gone through she still managed to keep her Joy. She is called to transform and shift lives through prayer and intercession. Jeremiah 29:11 is her favorite scripture to share. God has a plan for our lives!

For 4 years Camille dedicated all of her free time working with inner city youth. Founding non profit Vision Community Network (A nationally competing Christian community step team, color guard, drumline and mentorship program). In 2018, after giving birth to her last child, she chose to shift and focus on the mommy. 

She is a happily married woman. A mom to 5 strong healthy boys. She believes that with God all things are possible.

"What you are going through does NOT have the power to break you!"

- Camille Joy

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