Do you desire to start a global podcast in 2020?

POCASTING is a way to take your business from local to global. 

 Today there are millions of podcasts, with so many topics! There is room for you and your brand. 

If you have something to say or a message to get out. Learn how to start a podcast today.



They may have counted you out because of your circumstances but it doesn't have to be your reality. You can choose to Triumph over Trials. You can overcome and prove the doubters wrong by going from a statistic to a SUCCESS!


Your life is not over because you're a young mother. You're not a failure. You are Still Somebody! You have the power to change the trajectory of your life by the choices you make today. What will you do with your power?


There's A Jewel In You anthology series is written to encourage, empower and equip teen mothers for greater. It takes a JEWEL to see a JEWEL and that’s what we see in you!  


Rosebuds is a faith based virtual support group created for young mothers, ages 16-27.

Classes will be held every Friday beginning May 1, 2020 Ending May 29,2020.

Each week myself along with a few surprise guests will hold 2 hour sessions. These sessions are designed to strengthen you as a mom and provide support to you during this time. There is so much inside of you that has yet to be revealed. My goal is to guide you and provide you with tools and trainings that will push you into your Next Level. 

Discussion topic are Motherhood, Relationships, Self-Care, and Business.

Access is for Members Only. 

Do you desire growth? Do you want to start a business but cant seem to ever get started? Have you had a not so perfect walk in Motherhood? Would you love to be introduced to new and creative ways to practice mommy self-care? Are Relationships not always positive for you?? Do you desire to have a closer walk with God?

If you answered yes to any of these Questions Rosebuds is a group for you!

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